Eden Splash CGI

[eltd_custom_font content_custom_font=”Eden is a natural mineral water brand from Kinshasa, DR Congo. The ad was idealized by our partner agency in the country that then asked us to produce the 3D image. Model, texturing and render in MODO 10.2 using the RebusFarm’s processing infrastructure. The product was modeled using box / subdivision modeling, starting from primitive objects like cylinders, and then expanding the mesh and modeling the details. The linear notches were created deforming the mesh, while the more complex notches were created with a mix of bump and displacement maps. Water and ice were modeled using Splash Kit, an additional Foundry MODO library with a lot of elements and points to duplicators that make easy the modeling of fluid elements. Starting from these initial elements and using the “soft drag” and “sculpt” tools, the mesh was deformed to the final format. The scene was illuminated exclusively with HDRI Light and rendered with 8,000×8,000px at RebusFarm. With alpha and Surface ID channels enabled, it took 20 minutes to render. Post-production in Adobe Photoshop.” custom_font_tag=”div” font_family=”” font_size=”” line_height=”” font_style=”normal” text_align=”left” font_weight=”” color=”” text_decoration=”none” letter_spacing=””]



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